Property Owners

With several years experience in the hospitality and holiday letting industry, we are well placed to manage your property as a holiday rental.

Despite a recent surge in many new short term rental properties being brought to the market, our experience has allowed us to maintain occupancy and earnings for out clients and outperform our competitors.

We are unique in the services we can offer to any property owner and don’t just have one set in stone contract/process for managing properties. We believe that every relationship is personal and we can therefore tailor our service specifically for you.

Not only can we manage all aspects of your property as a holiday rental, we can also assist you in the set up of a property and advise you of what a property requires to make it an ideal choice for your future guests.

As we know all of our guests expect high standards from us, we only manage high quality properties. That doesn’t mean a huge refurbishment bill before you’ve even received any bookings though – as mentioned, we can tailor our services for each individual client and can discuss costs with you when we know a bit more about your property.

For more information on our management services, contact us to arrange a no-obligation (and no pressure!) meeting but here is some of the important information you may want to know straight away:

  • We won’t charge any up front fees to manage your property. We only earn money when you earn money!
  • Significant increase in Net Income compared with normal Short Assured Tenancies
  • We advertise on all the top travel websites (, Expedia, Lastminute etc) – we don’t just put your property on our website and expect the bookings to roll in, like other short term management agencies
  • We clean and check your property after every guest to ensure your property remains in an excellent condition
  • We know how important it is for you to receive a regular income from your property – that’s why we can tailor your monthly payment so you don’t receive little income in off-peak months and a huge income during peak months